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There is a growing trend in business, in general, to expand to other complimentary markets to increase revenue.

We see this widespread in our industry where deep cleaning kitchen companies or equipment suppliers are entering the market claiming to be qualified to clean kitchen extraction systems and offering a “one stop shop” cleaning solution for companies.

The extraction system service industry is governed by a law, in specific, The South African National Standards 1850 (2014 Ed 2).

This law spells out in detail how the cleaning and servicing should be carried out and what reporting should be done. This law was revised several times since 2003 to keep up with industry risks and issues of food safety.

Extractor & Canopy Maintenance SPECIALIZE in ONLY installing and servicing extraction systems. Our teams do this every day all day. This helps us to be exceptionally good at fault finding and compliance. Along with ongoing training, it keeps us ahead of the game.

Simple examples are that some companies only clean visible areas that the client can see, not knowing that there are major risk on the inside of ductings and canopies for a fire. We offer before and after pictures of each of the key components, which not only provide excellent audit evidence but also gives you peace of mind.