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Cheap is expensive!

Cheap is expensive!

Our company has found that within the last 6 months or so, a number of new (and in many cases) unqualified companies have come up offering kitchen extraction system services.

Some pest control companies and deep cleaning companies seem to be bolting on an extractor system service  at ridiculously lower than market rate prices in order to keep client business.

With over a decade of conforming and adjusting our business systems to comply with Health Department, Fire Department, Insurance Compliance (for claim payouts to be valid) and Occupational Health & Safety, it is a full time job and we ONLY SPECIALIZE in extraction systems.

The irony is that clients use these cheaper service providers to prevent fires caused by extractor systems yet by using them to do their jobs, our clients are the ones that get burnt (no pun intended).

Inevitably, we are called in to help future clients comply by having to redo the work leading to more downtime and lost client revenue.

Paying twice for something and going over budget in these tough economic times are just not affordable to many business.

We urge you to carefully consider who you are dealing with when looking after your business. A reliable and competent supplier is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly and profitability.

Ask these questions to a supplier when in doubt:

1. Are you SANS 1850 (2014 ed2) Compliant?

2. Do you offer Before & After Pictures and Efficiency Reading for tracing and audit purposes?

3. Do you issue a numbered/tagged certificate for tracing and audit purposes?

4. Have you been SPECIFICALLY installing and servicing kitchen extraction systems for at least ten years?

These are key questions in order to ensure that you are compliant if ever there is a fire.

Our company ticks all the boxes, so if you are currently an Extractor & Canopy Maintenance client, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are getting the best value for money and being compliant.

If you are not, give us a call to discuss the best solution for you.




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