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We recently went to a client that required us to repair an extraction system that was not compliant with Health Department & Fire Department Standards.

The system was already installed and not only did it not comply with regulation SANS1850, but the client themselves were unhappy with the service and quality of the job.

Unfortunately there was no way to actually repair this as the previous contractor fitted a non-compliant canopy, ducting and fan. None of the parts could be salvaged to help reduce the cost of the repair, leaving the client to fit a totally new system. In essence, paying twice for the same thing.

In our current slow economy, it is only natural for customers to be price conscious. And in some cases it works out for the better. However, to avoid being short changed, it is advisable to always choose a service provider with good references. It may be well worth your while and business profitability to make a few calls to confirm workmanship and finding out their reputation before going ahead with someone you have never worked with before.