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Our Installation Division provides a full turnkey installation and maintenance plan for your new industrial kitchen extractor system and we fully conform to South African Bureau of Standards (SANS1850: 2014 ed 2).

A basic kitchen extractor system should have a:

Kitchen canopy (also known as kitchen hood to some people);

Baffle filters (reduces and filters oil and grease in the system);

Ducting (route that extracts remaining oil and grease out of the cooking area);

Extractor fan (main component in creating airflow to extracting the smoke from your kitchen);

Sound attenuator (also known as a silencer and reduces fan noise by approximately 10 to 12db for quieter operation) and;

Rain cowl (keeps the rain out of the system that could damage any electrical circuitry or flooding of the kitchen)

To know what the ideal size of the extractor system for your needs are, follow these simple steps:

1. Is the canopy going against a wall or centre (island style) of the food preparation area?

2. Measure the length and width of your cooking equipment.

3. South African National Standards states that the hood should overlap equipment by 250mm on all open sides. It notes that if the equipment is used in char boiling with an open flame (basically grilling) it should overlap by 400mm. So simply add this to either side.

Now you have a guide as to how big the canopy should be.

We always advise our potential clients to call us for a site visit where our consultants can professionally advice you on what the best system is for your needs.