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Is your extractor service supplier trustworthy?

We had a call from a very unfortunate and stressed business owner of a well known burger franchise.

He noted that after the service from a new service provider (since changing to a new extractor service company for a cheaper price), he turned his kitchen extraction system on the next day and it did not work.

On trying to contact them on various occasions, they did not answer.

On inspection by his electrician it was found that the extractor fan and motor was missing.

He asked us to please urgently quote as he cannot use the kitchen to prep any food.

As most clients know, the extractor fan is the most expensive component in an extractor system and a good quality unit can cost in excess of R15,000.00. order times for specialized units can take over two weeks to get which in this case, has serious impacts on any business.

We fully understand the current economic situation in our country and its impact on businesses turnover and profitability. However, most times, you get what you pay for, and in this business owner’s case more than he bargained for – in down time and money!

As a professional company with over a decade of experience in installing and servicing specialist extraction systems, we have taken many lessons learnt from our clients that there is no substitute for quality.

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