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New entrants in the industry

New entrants in the industry

New Entrants in the industry

While in the field and with feedback from our current and potential clients, management and sales advisors have recently noticed an increase in the number of companies servicing kitchen extraction systems.

Many have no experience or expertise in our field and often do so as an add-on to their current service like deep cleaning and fumigation.

A clear way of knowing a new-comer or inexperienced company is the following:

1. There are NO ACCESS PANELS made in your ducting.

2. The service does not conform to South African National Standards.

3. The certificate does not state “Done according to South African National Standards SANS 1850”

4. The service is done in an hour or two.

The whole idea behind the regulation (it is a national mandatory regulation SANS1850) is to prevent a fire. Servicing an extraction system is labour intensive and involves not only cleaning of the canopy and filters, but also the ducting, fan, attenuators and rain cowl among others.

A professional company, like ours with over a decade of experience, ensures that a service is done to MINIMIZE a fire and MAXIMIZE efficiency of your system and not only for a certificate to the client.

Check the above the next time someone offers you a service price too good to be true. Often it is.

Feel free to contact our sales advisors or management for free professional advice and support.

PS Extractor & Canopy Maintenance specialise in installating and servicing kitchen extraction systems. We don’t try to be a jack of all trades but rather a master of one.


Justin Muthusamy, MD

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