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Did you know:

We are also the ONLY Level 1 BEE certified company in the industry. This enables us to combine Health and Safety Compliance (SANS1850) with Procurement Compliance (BEE Level 1) to ensure your company’s total compliance needs are met with a single supplier.

Occupational Health & Safety Act Compliant

We have a full safety file with teams trained on all aspects of our job, making us the ONLY choice for high risk areas and high compliance companies.

South African Bureau of Standards Compliant

We comply to the latest South African National Standard (currently 1850: 2014 ed2) which ensures you are fully complaint with Department of Health and the Fire Department audits. It also ensures that if there is a fire, any insurance company would approve your claim as this standard is essential for their compliance.

Peace of Mind

We are the ONLY company in the industry with a written service guarantee. This ensures that you have peace of mind within the service period so you can focus on your core business.

Superior Products

Only high quality fully tested chemicals are used during our service and installations. We also use food-grade chemicals to ensure no cross-contamination. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.

Certified Workmanship

Our work is commissioned and certified according to South African National Standard 1850. We issue a certificate on all services for compliance purposes.

Reputation of Professionalism

The only way to get really great at what you do is to specialize in a niche field and master the art. With over a decade of fine tuning and improving our business model, we have done exactly that. We only do extraction…and we do it well.

BEE Level 1

We are a BEE Level 1 status. The FIRST and ONLY in the industry. Ensuring your procurement standards are met along with compliance standards.

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