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Referral business growth due to quality service

Hi there.

I would like to thank our clients for their loyal support thus far.

May 2013 has been an exciting month for the business. This was mostly due to us receiving an overwhelming amount of word of mouth referrals from existing clients’ contacts.

To me there is no greater compliment to a business than this. It really gives me a sense of pride to know that our team’s commitment and hard work in delivering our service to you is reaping its rewards. In line with the company’s strategy, this is testament to our never-ending focus on quality and good client service.

A referral can only be offered from an existing client that is truly satisfied with us as a company. This shows in the information from our service reports telling us first-hand what you feel about our team and service.

Thank you for the many compliments. It has boosted our staff morale – from the technical team on sites to the team at the office. It really gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that we do make a difference to you and your business in such an impactful way.

We encourage you to really take advantage of this channel of communication to help us improve our service to you and future clients.

On our Installation Division side, we would like to welcome South African Airways to our client base. It has really given us a pat on our back in knowing that our competence and reputation for a quality installation is in demand by the strictest of safety driven companies.

The company’s strategy to focus on a quality turnkey installation is a key factor in our success in this division.

In preparation for June 2013, we plan to focus on more random quality checks to ensure that our company standards are met. You may find our operational manager visiting your site to inspect the team’s service. If this happens, we would appreciate your feedback to improve our business.

Kind Regards,

Justin Muthusamy
Managing Director
Cell: 083-227-2797
Email: justin@cleanmyextractor.co.za

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